"he’s got stories to tell and you cant help but listen. Intriguing Music" - Elegant Savage

"Filip’s songs are intimate, honest, unassuming expressions of emotion, emotions we might be hesitant to bare to another person" - Ragazine Magazine

Filip is a swedish folk artist taking inspiration from songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Bowie, Damien Rice and Passenger. He's implementing modest guitar work with thoughtful progressions and rhytmic muted chords. His voice is very distinc and unique, it fulfills the sometimes playful and sometimes abstract lyrics.

The 22 year old has already played more than 200 shows in various contries in Europe and developed a very confident, humorous and well thought through stage performance.  

Based in London since '14 he kept himself busy releasing and touring his first recording Since We Were . Filip is now ready to discover new territory with his release of the song and video of Eskimo and his upcoming E.P. to be released end of April.

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