The debut E.P. 'Hibernation' is out NOW!

Son of Johan's six-track debut E.P. is out now on all digital platforms. Approprietly named after the 3 year long abcense from the music scene.  It cointains thought provoking lyrics and modest guitarwork drenched in magical soundscapes of melodic synths topped with cocky vocal deliveries. The songs are organic and personal with lyrics treating subjectmatters like sceptisism towards modern superficial society, facing tough decisions, depression and love

Thanks for your support, means the world! 

       Son of Johan is a new intriguing indie act hailing from the south of Sweden. The music is dancing between genres such as indiepop, soul, rnb and folk.  Alot of his sound is inspired from his 4 years living in London gigging relentlessly in various venues across the U.K. capital.